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The Health Benefits of whole body cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a healthy option for adults that want to promote injury repair, relieve pain caused by arthritis, and improve flexibility and range of motion. Many clients use this treatment to relieve pain from arthritis and improve flexibility and range of motion.


WBC can also help individuals that play sports because the treatment it provides is similar to taking an ice bath, but a much more pleasurable experience. Injury users can have the treatment as often as twice a day to promote a higher metabolic rate, better circulation, and less inflammation. Many No Limits Cryotherapy clients find that they have more endurance when regularly using the cryotherapy chamber.



Helps the body recover from sports or strenuous work activities including soreness relief, muscle stimulation, regeneration, and recovery. With regular treatments, you may develop improved endurance and find yourself healing faster. 

Overall Health and Wellness

Regular treatments are well known to help users ease arthritis pain, improve circulation, boost collagen production, increase metabolic rate, burn calories, decrease inflammation, and provide acute and chronic injury relief.

Improved Relaxation

Just think of all the emotional and physical effects stress has on your body. And not just short-term stress, but long-term exposure too. WBC helps your body release endorphins, increase your mental and physical energy, and improve the quality and duration of your sleep. All promote stress management.

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