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No Limits Cryotherapy believes in your right to manage your relief and recovery naturally, safely and effectively, whether you’re at the peak of your game or settling down to enjoy the golden years. When it comes to relief and recovery, we are THE answer to safe, affordable and effective whole-body wellness. We understand it’s not what we do, but how we make you feel. When you leave one of our centers, you’ll feel empowered, renewed and refreshed. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from those who’ve empowered their wellness with No Limits Cryotherapy.



“I have been battling chronic inflammation for the past 5 months, and cryotherapy has been instrumental in helping to reduce it. I had tennis elbow for months, and after multiple Cryo sessions, it was gone. I had joint pain in my knees and after multiple Cryo sessions, they felt significantly better. I use Cryo as a healing tool and I’m so grateful we have one in the community.”


"No Limits Cryotherapy has healed me completely and I'm addicted. I suffered daily from overuse injuries from long distance running and HIIT Workouts - EVERYTHING WAS TIGHT - My hips, lower and upper back, and especially my glutes and hamstrings. I tried the Epson salt float and felt nothing. I looked for massage therapists but could never find anyone that could get every knot out. Then, my good friend recommended No Limits Cryo.  It took me a couple months to actually believe 3 minutes of coldness would help heal anything - in fact, I despise the cold (anything under 70 degrees is freezing for me ;).  I gave it a try and was so nervous. I made my friend meet me to give me emotional support! Johnny walked me through every minute and explained all the great benefits and what to expect.  I was SHOCKED at how quickly the tightness, soreness, and pain just went away.  It even helps me sleep deeper and through the night on the days that I cryo! Lindsey has recently started working there as well and my 3 minutes in that chamber go by like 30 seconds when we get yappin ;) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. WORTH EVERYTHING."


I originally wanted to try Whole Body Cryotherapy to help reduce post-operative swelling in my knee. I’ve been doing it nearly every day for 3 weeks now, and am noticing so many improvements! Not only has the swelling in my knee improved, but other small aches & pains have disappeared, my sleep is more consistent, and I’m happier and more energetic throughout each day.  I highly recommend No Limits Cryotherapy and appreciate their range of services, flexible booking process, relaxed atmosphere, and their knowledgeable and caring staff.


As a competitive distance runner my career stalled because I wasn’t focusing on recovery. Since going to Johnny I was able to fulfill a goal of turning elite. My body is able to handle and recover from workouts faster which lets me grind harder the next workout.  Not only has it benefited my running but I now sleep better, have more energy and less anxiety. Also, my skin is clearer and my hair and nails are stronger. Even when I retire from running, I will never stop going to Johnny due to all the anti-aging benefits. 

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